Got any good underage drinking stories?

I sat and watched two girls eat each other out in the basement of a party, after I had suggested that they do it. I had heard through the grapevine that my girlfriend was going to break up with me when we we had school that Monday, so naturally, I was pissed. We had been having our fights, and she didn't like to drink and party like I did, so it kind of made sense that she would actually break up with me, seemed about the time one of us should do it. There was a girl at my friends house party who had a thing for me. She had been rubbing up on me, dancing with me, and doing anything but flat out tell me that she wanted to get dicked down by me. She was holding my hand a lot, which I didn't really have a problem with, but she was leading me to all of these places around the party. She eventually goes outside and convinces her friend to makeout with her. They sit in a chair and start groping each other, while clearly giving me the go ahead to watch, with a few other people drinking/watching as well. She starts holding my hand again, and kind of pulling me in towards her. Looking back, I probably could have worked something out between all three of us, but I digress. Being that I was still in a relationship, I didn't really want to cheat on my "girlfriend", especially not in front of a bunch of other people. So, being drunk, I did what anyone else would have done. I stuck my thumb slightly in her ass. I think I had the idea that she would think it was funny, or it would spook her into laying off me a little bit, or at least not holding my hand and trying to pull me in the mix. To my surprise, she liked it. I stopped doing it after a couple of seconds, realizing that I was basically fingering someone's butthole in front of a group of people, but people had given up on the novelty of girls kissing out, since everyone was trashed. As people started to pass out, we moved inside, with the girl dragging me and the other girl to the basement. It was just the three of us down there. We continue to drink more, and they cuddle up, with the girl who was into me sitting between us. They ask what they should do now, and I suggest that only a woman truly understands another woman. They agree, then I say something suggesting that a woman would probably be the best at going down on another woman, having the same parts and all. I don't know if it was the fact that we were basically done with high school and might not see each other again, were really trashed, or they liked putting on a show, but they agreed as long as I promised not to tell anyone. I watched them strip, then the girl interested in me laid down and started getting worked on by the other girl. As I was sitting there, drinking my beer, and watching, the girl starts giving me an over the pants footjob, which I didn't at all contest to. I still somewhat had my morals, and didn't want to cheat on my "girlfriend", but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Again, I did what any red blooded American would do in my situation. When the girls switched positions, I started to reciprocate for the footjob, by of course sticking my empty beer bottle into the girl's hot pocket. My train of thought was that I wasn't actually cheating because I wasn't touching this girl, the beer bottle was. The girl was into it, and the other girl asked me that she thought I had a girlfriend. I explained to her how my beer bottle technique didn't cross any moral boundaries, and she just said it technically wasn't wrong. They finish up, and the girl not into me goes to sleep, after making sure that we kept this between us. By this time, I am obliterated drunk, and it's just me and the girl, who is still naked as fuck. I say fuck it, and don't try to think up any gimmicks, and we makeout for a bit, while I finger her. I believe I asked her if she wanted me to go down on her, then she said that she wouldn't feel right about it until my girlfriend and I broke up, so we just madeout for a while and half-dry humped.

My girlfriend ended up breaking up with me the next day, but not before telling me how much of an asshole I was. I really thought about telling her that I cheated on her, and watched her friends go to town on each other beforehand, but being sober I thought I at least had to keep my promise, so I could somehow keep my moral compass a little straighter than it had been.

It's been years since that happened, and I haven't seen the girl, or girls for that matter, since, although I do see her sister since she is incredibly good friends with my roommate, so I always get a good laugh from that. Nobody believes me when I tell them, and I've only told a good 3 people, but it's a fantastic memory.

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