Got arrested on the job wondering if I will be fired

I’m not trying to be a dick here, but how did you forget to tell your PO that you’re taking a medication that will fail on a 5 or 12 panel test? Especially if you’re an OWI/DWI/DUI client? They have your medical records. He arrested you, but you didn’t go to jail? I’m assuming that’s the case because you’re wondering if you still have your job? Probably not if you work in a right-to-work state and caused a huge scene in a service job.

I know it differs state to state, but this is sounding more like r/thathappened than anything. If you had a warrant, that’s fair game to be arrested and means you violated your terms, those are issued for escapes and repeated noncompliance, not one bad test result unless you’re alleging everyone is against you? If you knew you fucked up your UA, you should’ve immediately called your PO or USPO and asked them to call the prescribing doctor. UAs are done in 5 minutes— source: I have to make people piss in cups and report to the state and feds if they fail. I’m just as thrilled to watch people piss in a cup and look at it closely as you are pissing in front of someone. Your PO is going to call you many times before a warrant is issued, you think that makes them look good? They don’t love the paperwork either.

Fact is, you failed your UA, didn’t make an attempt to remediate that issue until it was too late, and somehow you’re upset that the tip was small AND you got arrested. See how this sounds like bullshit? He tipped you and then arrested you? And he brought his family? And everyone clapped?

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