Got assigned to my first case on 3/23 and I think I'm doing terribly.

Thank you so much for the feedback, everyone.

It's a week later and I am quitting.

I've spent ~35 hours on this case since being assigned on March 12. This is not the 10-12/hours mo. that was pitched to me in training.

My case manager and executive director have questioned me that I'm not doing enough, not calling enough, haven't talked to enough teachers, haven't called the school social worker enough, don't have enough information, haven't spoken to the mother's eight siblings to determine if any of them could be a kinship placement, more and more.

I'm criticized for not being able to field enough calls during work hours. "Can't you call on your lunch break?" No, my lunch break is for me.

After submitting a third draft of my report this morning, I received edits for a fourth draft a couple of hours later.

I think my regional CASA office must be an outlier because your experiences are all much different than mine. This is just so stressful.

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