I got banned from r/atheism for my username. I'm an atheist and I wasn't trolling.

You are the one being ignorant here. You can't just assign the word to everyone who doesn't believe in god, it has to be a belief system of some sort. It has to mean something. What you are campaigning for is basically the destruction of the word because it would serve no purpose. I do not believe in god but that does not make me an atheist. It is someone who does not believe in theism which means much more than just believing in god. Open your mind a little because you are being very narrow minded on this. You don't get to just assign the word to people it has to be a conscious decision, just not believing in a god is not a conscious decision else the word means nothing. Stop taking things at face value and understand the purpose of language and you will see you are simplifying it to the point that it literally means nothing.

Again, answer me this question. If I do not believe in god does that make me atheist? I am Christian but I do not believe in god. It would be impossible for me to be an atheist Christian but you can be an Agnostic Christian. It means more than you are simplifying it else it means nothing at all.

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