I got framed and lost the girl i love

This has happened to me also im 18 which is still young, im still recovering from it slowly but it hurts me so much to see the girl i love and the only girl that mattered to me in college everyday see her while im there i try not to think about it and just put my headphones on and block it out, she wont look or say a word to me we got along amazingly but then she was getting mad at me for liking her too much ? i dont know she got her ex boyfriend to tell me on Facebook to leave her alone saying i was "harassing" her when all i was doing was trying to get to know her better, she wouldn't let me into her life, she couldn't get the courage to break my heart herself blocked me on Facebook on snapchat twitter ive been nothing but nice and loving to her and only wanted to get close to her but she overreacted and couldn't handle it she suffers with depression and anxiety aswell as myself but never got a chance in our short friendship to actually talk to her and have a full on conversation i would only ever see her for vaguely throughout college times which was pretty hard to talk to her in there surrounded by fuck ton of people then when we go home we just talked on FB/skype so that's where the fuck ups come from mostly, all the things i could not say in college i said through chat which is never a good idea cause you dont know how they will take it because there is no emotion in text but there is in speech. she still wont talk to me after 2 weeks of this but ive heard friends say that she must need space so i have to give it to her and that breaks my heart and as you can probably tell i don't have many friends in this college only joined recently and only getting to know a few people but when i met her i kinda needed a friend at that point i wanted someone i could share my feelings with but that was not a good idea apparently so im in the same shit storm as you /u/nomadh the only thing i can say is if you want her fight for her no matter what happens but take it slow don't rush it like i did i hope we can relate sorry about the wall of text and i wish you all the best in life keep your head up and your heart strong

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