Got my brother to buy the game on sale; and the new player experience is horrible

Firstly, a definition does not always result in the definition to be always true. Words can be manipulated and can mean different things in different situations and how they are defined is through the users/people themselves.

Secondly, I have never kicked anyone in casual before. Be it newbies, noobs, potato aimers, everyone deserves a chance to continue playing the game despite their skill in a match. Everyone has a bad day and everyone has gotta start somewhere. What I am arguing here is whether the matchmaking system is properly implemented to reduce the likelihood of one person pulling a full squad down due to his lack of skill in certain areas. A random veteran with no patience would not like a person who can't keep up with the team. If the matchmaker puts a newbie with this 'said' person, it will result in him being toxic to not only the people in the match but the people he will be matched with in the future and those in real life.

Finally, please don't go around defining words like you are a dictionary. There is no need to boost your ego by showing how much smarter you are at using Google or a dictionary. If you are going to do that, follow up with something that is more constructive and not just a statement that tries to pit someone else down just because their opinion goes against 'the herd mentality'

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