I got a new bike!! 2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 401

Lol oh honey you really do have an inane victim complex and the fact you are mooching off a supposed “millionaire attorney from the Bronx” doesn’t make you cool or independent but you wanna be a sugar baby so be it just stop pretending you aren’t lol

I’ve been stabbed in the Bronx /jumped/shot at/robbed at gun and knife point / and whole ton of other shit buuuuuut you don’t see me running around to a therapist or claiming I have ptsd and I guarantee my experiences were far more traumatizing But I digress

You can continue back and fourth with me all you want I just feel bad for ya.... I just want you to be better not this begging weirdo complicit with living with dad etc etc not my place to oust all your personal info but you sure enjoy making it public

Just be better cheers

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