I got a note from a seller on Etsy after I was their first customer! Made my whole heart smile :)

I did this for my first sale too and even that didn't feel like enough to convey my appreciation so I designed and made an extra charm for the buyer. There's nothing quite like the feeling of someone finding your work so good that they are willing to spend real money on it. Especially in a world of rising costs and stagnant pay. I was skeptical of people urging me to open a shop as well, but that first sale put me on top of the world! I'd wager that it was the same for this seller. :)

I imagine that most makers feel that way when they get a sale. Every sale puts us a little closer to being able to do what we love instead of spending our time wasting away in retail, food service, office jobs, or other unfulfilling jobs. Since it's something handmade by you, it's a lot more satisfying than anything that can happen in the average workplace. I certainly can't think of a comparable feeling in the retail world. I don't know about other sellers, but I can't even imagine a future where I'd stop sending out letters like that.

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