Got a performance rating of Exceeds Expectations. My boss requested a significant salary adjustment and I was denied and given the standard 2.5%. Should I quit my job?

I work for a small company with average pay but some pretty unique benefits: fully remote work, fully paid medical/dental, and essentially unlimited time off (as long as you get your work done), and we also have pretty light workloads (35hrs/wk). Because we're so small we can't afford huge salaries, but to the right candidate these perks are incredible (a lot of stay-at-home parents who get to keep their career going, full-time students who are pursuing advanced degrees, or people who just want to live in the middle of nowhere)

But still for some reason almost every one of our new employees ask for these crazy 30-50% raises after a year or two. Money makes people weird, so I think a lot of people look at the number glassdoor shows and it blinds everything else. I've had people making $65k in the suburbs ask and then leave for an 90k job in NYC, ignoring the long 1-2hr commute (and all those costs), much higher COL, longer hours, less flexibility, and fun city taxes. I guarantee at the end of they day they ended up with less money in their pocket, and more importantly less time.

Luckily a lot of employees come to realize how good they do have it after they come to realize how much their quality of life would go down, and we don't hold it against them.

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