So I got a reading done and I didn’t tell the psychic I was bipolar and her reading kept kinda referring to a duality. Do psychics see bipolar people as two different people?

That's basically associative thinking. And for someone with mental health issues, the OP is asking for a one way trip down the rabbit hole indulging in it.

Um.... just because someone has mental health issues, does not exclude them from seeing psychics or being spiritual.

Resolving mental health issues can be aided through spiritual practice ~ but not in isolation. Psychotherapy must accompany it.

Seeking answers from people on Reddit and somehow finding meaning in what would probably be vague explanations and cold readings from some "psychic" with a deck of tarot cards doesn't seem like a smart idea to me.

Real psychics exist. They can deduce information that they could simply not have known ~ from the moment they first meet a person, whom they could not have "studied". Cold-reading has nothing to do with it.

I've met at least one psychic who was able to glean certain details about my life that only became apparent much later on. I also witnessed them tell a random customer certain things about a family member who had a physical illness, something that the psychic shouldn't have been able to know, if reductionist physicalism is correct.

I met another who pretty much repeated what a voice had told me the night before. Which was about the voice proving that I am not crazy, and that the voice did indeed belong to a disembodied entity who wasn't simply a manifestation of a delusionally, mentally ill mind, which I was half-believing that I was, at the time.

I fully respect attempts at scientifically studying thought transference and remote viewing but, I don't buy into all of this "New Age" spiritual crap that gets slung around the internet. And I don't think any of it has to do with "psychic" abilities. OP is obviously referring to what is probably a tarot card reading or something similar ; what some people would consider little more than (religious) superstitions. I've seen plenty of people with a deck of cards claiming to be clairvoyant and have insight on the lives of other people.

Even if frauds do exist ~ and they certainly do, make no mistake ~ that does not mean that genuine psychics do not exist.

If you're crazy and you know it, shake your meds. shake, shake

Drugs are not really a cure for mental health issues. They merely suppress symptoms, and do not actually resolve anything. They're a very poor substitute for actually healing said issues permanently. Which is very possible. It just takes more dedication and effort. But the payoff is very much worth it.

It is FAR superior to seek psychotherapy with an experienced psychologist / psychiatrist / counselor / etc, and actually work through the issues properly, presuming their root is psychological. Sometimes, mental health issues can be caused by poisoning or by nutritional deficiencies. Or even gut disorders.

So, is this a religious Sub or ... a sub about psychic abilities? I'll reduce a quack with a pack of cards down to a single sentence explanation, if that's what you mean by reductionist?

No, by reductionist physicalism, I mean ~ arrogantly presuming that everything has an only physical explanation, and that everything that exists can be supposedly reduced down to the physical. If something cannot reduced, then reductionist physicalists just proclaim that it is "pseudoscience" as a means of dismissing, belittling, and attempting to discredit the ideas.

In other words, reductionist physicalism is what is known as Scientism.

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