got tired of waiting on my kit from JSD so i 3d printed a lower

Wow. I suddenly have a situation in which I am useful. SO. I coincidentally have printed this exact file in this exact color and had the exact shift as pictured. It’s bizarre. I thought it was my frame.

Here’s how I fixed it.

1:The reason you’re getting that shitty shift: Grab your x motor and jiggle it. Does the whole gantry have a lot of slop?

Watch this vid and correct it.

2.flip that bitch over and print magwell down. Really? Yep. Trust me. You’ll never print slide down again once you do it this way. Slide parallel to the bed. This means the back of the magwell will be floating a bit in the back.

3.Use tree supports at about 65 degree(iirc)

  1. Wait 12 hrs for your print that needs almost no post production clean up.
  • I have one printing right now and at 60% complete I can already tell it’s the cleanest I’ve done so far. Granted this is my 7th one.
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