“Its gotta stop” [Quote from me] (1080x1920)

Completely fucking agree. I come here to choose my next background and be proud to be an anime watcher, not be a degenerate that gets made fun of for having a bikini anime pic. I'm not saying you can't have female backgrounds, I had Tanya as my background before on my desktop when I sat in the front seat and she is my favorite anime character. But 95% of the posts aren't something I'd particularly feel comfortable putting as... You know... My wallpaper

Also to go further on this, I want cool ass shit that represents the show and/or character, not fucking big breast. BY THE WAY, THIS APPLIES TO THE FEMALE CHARACTERS TOO! WHY ARE THEY JUST REPRESENTED BY THEIR SIZES INSTEAD OF THEIR PERSONALITY LIKE THEY SHOULD BE? It just hurts man

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