Government Shutdown who cares I’m getting pizza!

Lol. You understand that 5 billion isn’t just for a border wall right? It’s to hire more border agents and fund for more equipment to combat The illegal immigration, weapons, and drugs. It’s only 200+ miles of border to be built.

I can hear you baahing from here how much of a MSM sheep you are .

You support illegal immigration and open borders. The millions of dead Americans due to illegals murdering them and the drugs they uncontrollably overdose on are not available to comment

The police officer that was killed in California 5 hours after Christmas ended is not available for comment. California sanctuary laws killed him. A legal proud immigrant.

Chuck Schumer approved billions for the very thing he’s denying right now. It’s been almost 20 years borders need to be maintained. Here enjoy chuck Schumer calling out illegal immigration flip flop flip flop flip flop.

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