Government type - 1977 world map

For white male landowners. Other democracies, like Norway and New Zealand, expanded the vote to females and non-landowning people far earlier, despite formally having democracy later than the US.

It's still an older democracy and you speak of women voting but that is only true for some parts of the US as it was a state issue not a federal one. Still though that is only one aspect of a democracy at least Americans were able to vote in leaders hundreds of years before you could in many other places around the world especially Norway.

Apart from this, there are many reasons why the US is much farther right politically than Europe.

You gave a historical talking point that has no baring on why the US is farther right politically than Europe. You're forgetting about all the monarchies and fascist allied governments that plagued Europe for decades. Also Europe doesn't represent the world so as you said before "In an international context" you've provided zero evidence.

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