The Government will take on alcohol retailers by tilting the playing field towards communities in licencing decisions, and alcohol sponsorship will be reviewed

the claim was " the first time this government has done something"

the size of it - is irrelevant. - its a dickhead statement, with no real basis in reality or what the role of central govenment is.

As such I chose a recent example that I had looked at recently, but there is a plethora someone could pick and choose from, If you want it in terms of size:

The Provincial Growth Fund delivered billions to regions that helped local councils, and regions

Possibly the most decisive thing that this government has done (Three Waters) is directly designed to help small local councils - who struggle to fund their water infrastructure adequately.

I'm sure anyone with half a brain and two seconds googling could find other such examples, but claiming that any NZ government has ignored and not helped local councils. - is just a profoundly stupid comment, I stand by calling it out.

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