Gov't to launch campaign against hate speech


Yep, the Japanese government was a benevolent ruler that fixed all of Korea's problems and never did anything to harm anyone, ever. The entire situation was 100% voluntary on Korea's part. Not a single Korean was ever forced in any way to leave Korea for any reason. Nope, no conscription or anything. Yep. Sure. Tell me, is your Kool-Aid ramune flavor?

Blame the US and the Allies for that one

Japan hasn't been controlled by the Allies for about sixty whole years now.They could have done something to figure this out. Again, the burden is on Japan, not their former colonial subjects. Nothing you've said has changed this. That's a looooong time to clean up your mess.

The Koreans got a pretty sweet deal, but it is all "take" and no "give".

Yep, Korean subjects of the empire and their descendants have never contributed a single thing to Japan. What a sweet deal to have your homeland occupied, be forced to migrate to a foreign land, have your citizenship stripped of you by an occupying force, and then get abandoned by the country that once claimed you as a citizen. I mean, it's not as if Japan took even a single thing from Korea during their occupation. Nope. Not a single thing.

If they want all the rights of being a citizen they can do one of two things:

Again, why do they have to clean up Japan's mess for them? Japan made this mess - Japan should clean it up. If you want to argue that America made the mess by divesting Koreans of their Japanese citizenship, fair enough - Japan, as the instigator of the situation, should confer with America and the other former Allied nations for help in solving the situation.

I'm honestly not even sure what your point is, here.

I mean, look at this:

It is illegal for any foreigner, aside from the SPRs, to not carry their ID on their persons.

You seriously don't understand why that is? It's...pretty easy to understand. Notice the S in SPR? It means "special." Because their situation is special. Japan owes them something. If letting them live in Japan without carrying an ID is all that Japan will give them in return for decades of loyalty and contributions to Japanese society, who are you to second-guess that? It's the least they deserve.

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