Govt U-Turn on Srinagar Protest: MHA Admits to Soura ‘Incident’

Yes waving flags and supporting the most brutal terrorist organisation of our times will definately help them raise their voices for their cause. By you logic friends and family of people who died in police firing while protesting against Sterlite in Tuticorin should also raise slogans supporting ISIS because government wronged them.

Protesting against sudden yanking of 370 without keeping the target population or their representatives in the loop is understandable but supporting religious extremists organisation in the name of independence movement is whole another level.

If anything nonsensical protest like these completely derail the whole topic. Such incident when caught on camera give arsenal to people who believe the wildly inaccurate stereotype that Islam and terrorism go hand in hand.

Because logical disagreement of silent majority doesn't have the viral potential compared to that of people walking around with ISIS flags, picture of Zakir Musa and chanting praises of Pakistan.

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