GPS location data shows that Republican areas engaged in less social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic (controlling for all relevant factors). This is consistent with survey data which show that Dems believe the pandemic is more severe and report a greater reduction in contact with others.

I really appreciate your well-thought-out post! Thanks for the reply! I definitely agree that we all need to be careful when considering our next president, and yes, it is very apparent how important this is right now.
I want to just remind you of one thing though: Like most of our presidents (Obama, Clinton, FDR, Lincoln, etc,) Andrew Yang was a lawyer. He isn’t a tech entrepreneur like he media has labeled him. It’s a very funny label that he received and it stuck! Maybe because he does have a better working knowledge of the dangers and risks of technology (and the lack of legislation guiding it). While he did try his hand in early startups related to college test prep, he went on to found a non-profit that created jobs during the Great Recession. He wasn’t running and bankrupting casinos or bogus university’s or selling steaks. All I want to state is that is unfounded to compare almost anyone to Donald Trump, let alone Andrew Yang.

It’s true that he doesn’t have a lot of political experience, and while that may be tempting when you consider all the lobbyist baggage a lot of the existing politicians come with, it is still a potential concern. I will say that his broad range of practical ideas speaks to his genuine interest in service as opposed to any sort of egotistical run, and I do find that to be worthy of consideration.

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