[GPU] EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 XC Black - $239.99 ($349.99-$110 with promo code - 155904163142997105)

Yup. I have the same email. It's a unique code per person, since mine's different from what the OP posted. There is a Promo Code box in the cart on the top right of the page. The promotion for "EVGA graphics cards & more" is "Save up to $110".

I was trying to figure out what items had what discounts. The 1600 G2 has a $75 discount, 1600 T2 has $48, 1600 P2 has $46, 1300 G2 has $60, the 1060 SC has $8, 1060 Gaming has a $9, 2060 XC Black is $10, 2060 XC is $10, 2070 XC is $36, and the other ones don't want to add to my cart for some reason. I didn't see one that was specifically $110, but maybe they were counting existing instant savings on top of the promo code discounts.

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