GPU Scalpers

No it can't... it's a matter of maybe 50c a year between platin and bronze. There are dozens of tech outlets who tried to demystify that to layman like this one:

I highly wonder why in reddit knowledge never travels very far and doesn't distribute well. It's like people especially in reddit rather want to regurgitate the errors others spread.

No, you don't neet a platin PSU for anything. No, a platin PSU will not live longer. Yes, you need an established brand as you can rely on them using high quality parts, that doesn't matter if bronze, gold or platin. But a shitty brand, even a platin PSU will be shitty, it doesn't change anything on how fail-safe it is.

To sum it up, PSUs are antiquated tech that is pretty much figured out and all that is happening is optimizing on the decimal percentage figure, not actually on anything significant.


Yes, for a high-end card especially 3080 and 3090 you will need 600W, BUT not much more and it doesn't matter if it comes delivered with 90% efficiency or 85%.

Though, get a 3070, can easily run it on a 550W PSU.

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