Graduated 8 months ago, started looking 15 months ago, is it time to consider leaving the country?

I find myself in a similar position, except my Bachelor's is in Political Science. Other than that, very similar experience. I, too, have reached out to Robert Half, sent out a bunch of applications, and struggle to find anything. What's equally strange is that I worked 5 weeks as a door-to-door salesman, as a result of that I get calls everyday asking me to work in different places' sales department or customer service team. Two areas which I have absolutely no desire to work in, and I believe have very little room for personal and professional growth. I know you say Grad School is a bad investment, but I can't do anything about the lack of experience that people constantly tell me I have, whereas I can go back to school and become certified in more areas or go even further in a field I already started.

I don't know the answer. I was also contacted to teach English. Perhaps that truly is our way out.

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