Graham: Trump-Russia investigation is now a 'criminal investigation'

As much as I wish horrible death and suffering on his supporters for what they've done to our once great country and cringe at the staggering amount of shame he's brought this country with his bitch like behavior and perpetual victim complex, I agree with you. I've said it before in this sub and been down voted like crazy, but he will last 4 years, he will run again, and depending on the economy at the time, may or may not win. He's an unarguably an absolutely terrible president, be it his intentionally divisive behavior, his hatred of freedom of press, his lack of leadership, his cowardice, his whining, his incredible lack of knowledge, or any of the other day to day chaos, but most people don't care. If there are jobs and they aren't broke, they'll be happy. It's highly unlikely that he can fuck up the country in 4 years given that it was handed to him in such good shape. He'll last, and as of now, I'll bet he will be reelected. Also going on record as saying the Dems will underperform terribly in 2018. This forum will be filled with disappointment and people claiming that losses are still victories somehow ("The Dem lost by less points than last time" kind of shit). Pretending that the problem of dumb people and evangelicals with no integrity lying to themselves in order to follow party allegiances is somehow going to solve itself just because he's doing much worse than ever imagined isn't going to help. Democrats need to get serious about changing their party's message drastically to appeal to the common man.

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