Grand Rapids not looking to opt out of recreational marijuana

Uber is a thing bruh. You might as well ban all bars too since drunk driving is illegal (not to mention worse than driving while high.)

Drinking responsibly is a thing bruh. Bartenders stop serving you when you drink too much.

It's not like you take one hit of a joint and are suddenly driving like a reckless moron.

An irresponsibility reckless moron. Are you high? It doesn't matter how awesome you think or actually can drive. A positive blood test and the law will smack your dumb ass upside the head with a hell of a lot more than a ticket if you get caught. That's the point.

The fine for public smoking is only like $100 max from what I've heard anyway. I'm gonna be walking around town smoking a nice fat blunt tomorrow.

Ooh, look at you rebel! It's been decriminalized for years the penalty was the same as it is tomorrow. Go knock yourself out, literally.

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