Grandmaster nightfalls is the worst "content" ever made in destiny.

I got Conqueror with 2 friends. We resolved not to cheese perma-invis Hunters, and to try to get platinum on all the GMs. We were successful for the most part (the Barrier at the base of the train sets in WoN was brutal, and we skipped i).

I agree that I was bummed out that GMs didn't introduce any more mechanical differences, but I was glad that Bungie added difficult PvE content into the game. PvE is fun when it's hard: we had to coordinate our loadouts, manage our entire ability kit, synergize in how we use Charged with Light and Cells, and really think about the strike mechanics to excel.

Some were easy: Arms Dealer, Broodhold. Warden of Nothing was wild, and fun.

Some were irriating: Exodus Crash (boss mechanics are very strange); Tree of Probabilities: (boss mechanics are very strange); Insight Terminus (Kargen has so much HP it's laughable).

Overall, I am glad that Bungie gave people an activity which was hard. It's a welcome change from Vex Offensive, Sun Dial, and Seraph Towers. I am willing to roll with the punches as they hit the sweet spot for how these land. More, please!

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