Granted that C.S. Wright is an asshat, what other reasons can you provide that BSV is technologically inferior to BTC?

Personally, I can see a day where I can pay a small price (say 5 cents) to view an article on the Washington post, or I can pay a couple bucks and watch a movie. Payments like that need to be instant and feeless.

Obviously nano is the best choice for that, but it also has flaws. I don't know how it can handle spam. If version 20 or whatever can solve that, then I can't see why it wouldn't be the choice for a digital currency.

The other problem is do we need a digital currency at all? It's solving a problem that we don't really have. My debit card works quite well.

As for the whole replace the banking systsm and the fiat system, I don't think crypto currency is what will get that done. I just don't ever see governments giving up control of their money supply. Also people can't be trusted to be their own bank.. That would be a disaster.

Also just for the record, I think vechain will be the most widely used crypto in a few years. If companies can prove that adding blockchain increases sales, then vechain will have such a Headstart it will be hard for anyone to catch up.

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