Grapple launches are cool and all, but its the little maneuvers that made me fall in love with it

Let’s just finish this little tiff like this, assuming makes an ass out of you and me, so let’s all relax. I never assumed OP was a toxic user of an EPG, I only stated I’ve had a lot of toxicity from users of the EPG including but not limited to, excessive spawn killing or camping, excessive tea-bagging, low scoring teammates only using an EPG (5K to 21D is pretty fucking bad) and I’ve literally seen friends go toxic on each other when using the EPG (legitimately pissed of one friend how the other was using the EPG in a custom game) so yeah I’ve got my opinions on the EPG just like you all have yours. I never said any of your Opinions were wrong at any point so idk why y’all feel the need to question mine. OP’s post was fair gameplay with an EPG, I only was questioning why the EPG (obviously because of my bias). Hope y’all are having a great Labor Day (if US based).

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