hahaha, we sound so alike! Never did the concentrates in there, my herb has enough oil content to fucking ooze red oil out the front end! As you can see from the vids! I have huge lungs and take monster rips! Those pics I mentioned were on the fuckcombustion forum. Looked like fucking black flat pancake shit resin in there. I know for a fact my 2 OG hoppers had that in it because the airflow was restricted (but I liked that!) and when they came back from RMA the airflow was way better, but the performance lacked. That's fucked about sleeping on them and getting burned bro! lol I ISO'ed the inside screen but VERY carefully and always inverted with just a damp qtip. BUT, some people like yourself have had rma's right after ISO so better to be safe. I'll probably get another 2 GH's maybe in another couple of months when I see what the score is, but recently WAY too many RMA's coming back just as fucked or worse than before. Wish they would get a grip and stop downplaying their retardedness!

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