Grasshopper Order Number

Perhaps this is merely wishful thinking, but I hope that maybe the GHV team could dedicate some precious time to making a list - correlating all the order numbers to their respective place in the queue, it doesn't have to be too difficult, and doesn't even have to include all the orders. How about simply those pending shipment in the 2 weeks?

This isnt too farfetched as I'm certain the team already have something like this anyway - to determine the order of shipping, in some universal format, maybe in an excel spreadsheet?

To elaborate on this, perhaps it would be feasible to make a private page on their site accessible only to backers/pre-orderers, and that way we could easily track how many have shipped and know our place in line. This would clear the ephemeral fog of shaky expectations, and allow the FC discussion to speculate on something other than shipping status. Like how bout them boxes?

This would also serve as a confidence and PR booster. It would also save the Hopper team time by not having to manually update everyone's oder status page. By having something like a countdown system, people would not have as much doubt in the vague wording of the updates, and waste less time trying to decipher cryptically worded updates, akin to attempting to foretell the future via astrology and horoscopes.

Lastly this wouldn't reveal any private info - as Trevor said, the order numbers are arbitrary, and it would only have to include 3 columns at the least, order ID, and place in line, and shipping status This would give us a general idea of when to expect our "Bluetooth connected, electronic styluses" ;) read: super stealthy vape pens.

I'm curious what you guys think about this proposal for such a list, if it would ease tensions or paradoxically start a flame war.

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