Graveyard shift workers of reddit, what is the weirdest/creepiest thing you've witnessed while working at night?

Used to work night shift at a group home for the mentally disabled and have a couple weird and/or creepy stories. One time i nodded off on a couch at like 3am, when i opened my eyes a resident was leaning over me just staring at me, this would usually register as a 2 on the weird shit scale for me if it wasnt for the fact that this guy wasnt there for mental disability, he was there because he was batshit insane and too old to be considered "dangerous" and looked every bit as crazy as he was(he tried to murder me once by pouring bleach in my canned drink when i left it alone for a bit) i smelt it as i brought it up to drink, i saw him peaking at me with a wide smile from the doorframe when i smelled the bleach). Another was at a different group home, one of out schizophrenic residents spent a solid 3-5 hours yelling at voices to shutup or just screaming "stop" over and over until the voices stopped for a bit among other unsettling things to the tune of "but tardwhisperer is my friend" or "killing is bad, im not a bad man like you". At first it was unsettling as hell, after awhile i just turned the tv up to drown it out. The last one im gonna type out isnt resident related. So one house i worked at had a 20ft long hallway alley thing leading to the front door which had a big window on it. While posted up watching tv in the living room where you can see through the front door window, the doorbell started ringing frantically, i got up thinking a resident had snuck out or something and couldnt get back in due to me locking the door. I opened the door and nobody was there. I checked all the residents and they were all there, i sat down on the couch and resumed the tv watching when it happened again, i got up and sprinted to the door and swung it open and there was nobody there again,i was pretty freaked out at this point, right as i turned around to head back to where i was it started ringing frantically again, i turned around and there was nobody there, peaked my head out and didnt see anything, i slammed it shut and locked the ever living shit out of the door and turned off all the lights and tv and focused on trying to hear something sneaking around, it happened a few other nights too, but i asked other staff about it and apparently im the only one who it happens to.

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