The Great PCMasterRace Giveaway HAS BEGUN! $1300+ In Steam Cards + 16GB of DDR3 + More!!

I love gaming! I love you! I love everyone! Where do i start? Recently I built my first pc and to make it even more special I built it on my birthday! Every since I've saved up to improve it! I've been gaming since i was young, I mean very young (3 years old, I watched my bro :D) All through my life I've had the pleasure to play on every console/Platform and experience it from multiple experiences. It has been one of the highlights of my life.

Some of my Favourite games are ass follows:



Assassins Creed

Just Cause 2

World Of Tanks

Call Of Duty

Half Life

Burnout Paradise

Mafia 2

Team Fortress 2


Left For Dead

I could name a lot more, but i can' make this too long. Some of my favourite memories:

Pokemon Diamond on my Nintendo DS! I spent ages trying to beat that game (Still haven't due to selling my DS to fund other ventures). However when I defeated the 5th Gym leader it felt like I had beaten the world. The stupid balloon pokemon kept pummelling my party to a pulp for months, but it didn't stop me coming back to try again. I had no money from all the time i had lost, but it was worth it.

Battlefield 1943 on the Playstation 3! The first time i got all the achievements on a game! (Granted there was only 20). I think i spent a total of 700 hours playing that game. I loved it.

Building my pc in October 2014! Before this I bought a mid-high range laptop for a portable solution. Soon it became apparent that my needs where growing to where my laptop couldn't go. My answer? A desktop. I spent a year saving every little bit of money I recived to pay for it. I bought each bit separately to show my commitment, It turned into a huge project to me (Codename "Honey Badger"). My birthday was coming close and my parents got me the remaining parts so I could build it for my birthday. A soon as I got home I set to work, 4 hours later I turned it on and the BIOS flashed on screen. The moment has finally come, after a year of hard earning and research. The relief and excitement and various other emotions rushed through me that moment.

I just wanna say Happy New Year to everyone and thank you OP for doing this very generous giveaway! I've read through some stories already and It's just amazing.

May your frame-rates be high and temps low. May GabeN be with you.

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