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My love for gaming started on the vic20, pouring hours into coding games from a book,.. Then i moved on to a coleco adam that never worked right but got me through till i got into computer class in jr high. There was kind of a pause after that until I got an old tandy 1000 which had a 9600 baud modem that was great for irc and MUDS but really not much else. Fast forward a couple of years and I acquired a 486 that admittedly was prettymuch used onltfor irc and MUDS as well. I used that machine for a long time until the Pentium 2's arrived. Then onto a P2 450,intel i740 GPU on DSL.Thats around when Halflife was released. Glorious Days my friends. I had the prereleased version that worked without WON servers, there were many "pirate" HL deathmatch servers and quite a community at the time. HL1 will forever have a special place in my heart,I have so many great memeories of good times. Around the same tiem Everquest was a thing and I did a stint there too. Then I built a Pentium 3 800EB machine based on a Asus Cusl2-c mobo with a voodoo 3 GPU. I had the evil inside bios mod so that with overclocking Id still have agp 4x enabled. That felt like the golden age of gaming,HL played even better,steam was becoming a thing. And Im not ashamed to say I used a stripped dowm WIN ME to do this on.

Years later I built an AMD machine,single core 1640 paired with the onboard geforce 8200 handling graphics until my next upgrade consisting of a Athlon 64 X2 7750 and a xfx 9800gt.

I built a nearly identical machine for my wife. only difference was hers had a 9600gso. Both of these machines served us well for years of playing ROSE until the ECS mobos gave out and new upgrade sequence began. Now we have both have phenom II 720BE's paired with Biostar A870U3 mobos,4gb ram. the gpu upgrade path was a little different,the old 9xxx series cards eventually gave out and got replaced with amd gpus from xfx.(I thinka 6750 and some other 6xx series card) Not long after that I bought a gtx460 which now serves as my wifes GPU after several years in my rig and Ive just recently moved to a 750ti.

I hope from what Ive written you can see what my love of gaming and computers has become. Ive been preaching the word of the master race and GabeN for quite sometime and I wouldnt have it any other way.

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