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Well.. Let's see, been playing video games for as long as I can remember. Started out sitting at my boxy apple computer playing reader rabbit. Then recieved my first handheld Gameboy Color at age 6 or 7 playing Bugs Life. Raised on Nintendo and "Mac games?" Such as Bugdom.. (A lot of insect games.. Weird right?) Looking back at my younger years I become quite nostalgic thinking about playing Super Mario Galaxy and filling up every save slot just so I could beat the game more than once. To this day despite possibly being judged for it; I remain to say that SMG is my favorite video game of all time. As I entered middle school I put video games in the back of my mind. I got bullied every day and all I wanted was to be accepted and to be normal. I tried to change my interests just so I could fit in. My 8th grade year, I asked my mother for a pair of Ugg boots... In reality I wanted a PS3 more than anything. I wouldn't dare admit that though. Everything changed once I got into high school. I got away from my tormentors and I was able to get out of my shell. That year I picked up my Wii controller again... I played my very first Zelda game: Twilight Princess. I spent months playing it and in those months my thoughts were very singular... All I thought about was playing video games. Starting September I admitted to my mom that more than anything I really wanted a PS3. She was confused "if you want to play a game why don't you get it for the Wii?" She didn't understand that you couldn't get every game on the market for every console. I started opening up. I started to be myself. All of freshman year I spent my life outside of school playing all the games I had heard about online when I was in middle school. I was so much happier. To this day I still feel more content playing single player than I do multiplayer. I met people through video games, I made friends. And while I'm still only in my third year of high school, my history of gaming goes way back. (Way to keep repeating myself) I started my steam account Freshman year. Literally, my whole life revolved around video games because I was trying to catch up from the 3 years I denied who I really was. I'm starting to lose track of what I'm trying to say now. Oopsies. I started this intending to talk about PC and Steam and my experience but I went on a completely different track. Well... If I have to wrap this up I'll say this: I play on literally any system, any genre, any difficulty. I don't see the point in choosing one over another. I just love video games, and that's all that should matter.

P.s receiving one of these steam cards would be absolutely amazing and that's all that I can say about that. :)

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