Great Pediatrician needed!

I can also vouch for / recommend liberty pediatrics. Dr. Andy Seiler was my doc there from age 9 till 19? I believe. I'm not sure what age I was when I stopped seeing a pediatrician. My parents loved him and the nurses there. I liked the nurses too. I was a rebellious / combative teenager especially when it came to doctors. I did have my reasons. Like having to attend a horribly misguided decades outdated substance abuse education program I had to go through at St Joe's when I was 15. That's a story for another time though. Also I had a weird seasonal chronic cough thing when I was in high school. None of the treatments the pediatricians there gave me did much. Then again the specialists at St Joe's didn't do much for me either. Luckily eventually it just sort of went away.

Honestly, looking back I think Dr Seiler was a great pediatrician and I'm glad I had him.

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