You greedy bastards, enough is enough chants at Anfield. Thousands leaving the ground.

Yes I do have a data plan on my phone, but have you tried to get signal inside Anfield? I currently work away two hours away, and had caught the train back home in the morning, been out for lunch with family, and then I arrived at the game. I had not heard about the ticket protest nor the ticket prices until then, and all I heard of it was that there was going to be a protest on 77 minutes. Do you really think that's enough information to leave? Sure, I now know more and know that I should have walked out, but someones support and love for a club shouldn't be judged on their access to information on one particular day, and I'm not one to make blind decisions just to follow the crowd. These issues are complex and do not for one minute think that the supporters groups at Anfield make the right decisions 100% of the time because they don't. However on this case they did the right thing. Just because I wasn't walking those steps with them on that night doesn't mean that if I had my time again I wouldn't, so dont get caught up on my actions on one night.

How on earth can you call me a lesser fan? I'm not going to say the same about you because you are clearly passionate about Liverpool and I wish there were more fucking fans who were the same, but don't for one second question my loyalty to Liverpool just because I didn't follow the masses on an issue I at the time knew nothing about. I have been going to Anfield since I was 9 or 10, season in season out, I have boxes full of programmes under my bed. Take your head out your own arse for a minute and think twice about calling a fellow fan of Liverpool Football Club a scab, because trust me I'm not the one you want out of that ground. I donate to the flags that go up on the Kop, I sing at the game, I pour my heart into it.

Now I'm going to end this here but mate, you need to seriously reconsider why the fuck you are picking fights with one of your own fans on Reddit and causing infighting for absolutely no reason what so ever.

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