Greetings, Reddit! I’m Jim Keady - Delegate for Bernie Sanders, International Human Rights Activist, Local Small Business Owner & Guy Chris Christie Told To “Sit Down And Shut Up” - I’m Running To Represent NJ-4. AMA!

Thank you for standing up for true progressive values!

My question- After watching the Dem party illegally rig the primaries in 2016 and steal the nomination from Senator Sanders, how can you possibly justify having an affiliation with the Dem party?

Hillary Clinton was one of the most evil people we have ever had in politics, labeling minorities as "Super Predators", attacking victims of sexual assault at the hands of her husband, working with CNN to get debate questions early, etc. Yet still she was the DNC nominee.

By attaching yourself to that party you risk showing that you do not truly care about the ideals of Senator Sanders and true progressive values.

How do you support the party of Clinton/Kamala Harris/Warren/Pelosi and still consider yourself progressive?

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