I grew up in Blyth Valley (the archetypal 'red wall' seat) - AMA

Those who can pursue education...

Entirely untrue. Plenty of my friends went to university and returned. Most of my friends from school who went to uni actually did so at Newcastle / Northumbria and didn't leave. They may not work in the constituency but many of them live there.

Nearly 30% of the population is under 25, for example, and 80% under retirement age. About 45% of people have qualifications equivalent to 5A*-C at GCSE or greater but the unemployment rate is very low due to a large number of technical and service jobs. My brother, for example, is a chemical analyst who still lives and works in the constituency.

I'm eager to dispel the idea of the "left behind" constituency, because it doesn't feel like that. Rather, it feels like a prosperous place on its way up. The Conservative vote tends to trade on "get on with it" individualism and pragmatism rather than simply giving people a target to blame for their problems.

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