They groomed me to be a bully magnet

Same for me! it's taken me so much time to recover from, but you can do this! I think it even shows a lot of assertiveness and resilience that you're speaking out about it now! When I hear those voices that projected shame on me, it does still slow me down, but I try to consistently reaffirm my belief that my journey does not have to be like others and that helps so much.

As for all of my family members who perpetuating that bullying onto me and onto others: when I see them or hear from them now, I realize that I'm kinder, more understanding, and more open to others. I never wish what happened to me onto anyone else, but I am grateful for the person I am. I feel sorry for people who bully and never change or grow from that. It is a sad and hollow perspective to have.

I don't mean to sound sanctimonious, but I just recently came around with my thinking on this. I feel peace and relief when I accept the truth that I'm better off as a non-bully, so I figured I would share what helps me while relating to your experience.

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