Groundbreaking COVID-19 treatments to be fast-tracked through clinical trials

WHY isn’t this happening in the US for Molnupiravir? Merck is ramping up for production of this outstanding anti-viral. We need it now! Ridgeback is about to complete trials with efficacy data incoming from Merck by the end of March. I have been on the COVID -19 forums for more than a year. Many knew a year ago that this drug was the single most promising therapeutic in the pipeline. Heads need to roll over the lack of urgency, funding and early support for EIDD-2801. Every time I have tried to post about this over the last YEAR there have been crickets or criticism. Check back here the first week in April and prove me wrong. Then ask how many lives could have been saved if this had been fast-tracked last year instead of doesn’t-save-lives Remdesivir or much-touted monoclonal antibodies.

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