A group of customers left me no tip tonight and told me why.

The problem is that people expect a tip. I expect a tip. I came to you, ordered food, where’s my tip? Without me, you would have no job. If you want to make more money get a better job. Go to school.

However, with my unpopular opinion aside, that dude was an asshole and you had every right to either slap him, spit on him, or kick him in the nuts. If I was there and I was a witness, I would have beat the crap out of him because no man is a man when he talks to a woman like that. He is a little bitch and he should have his balls castrated because he won’t be needing them.

I just don’t believe in tipping. That should affect our relationship, me giving you free money, right? We can still be friends? Tipping is a problem. If you mess with my meal I will kill you. No questions asked.

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