A group of Republican senators including Susan Collins tried and failed to stop Trump from firing Gordon Sondland

This is not world news. Can you please discuss USA politics in /r/news ? ... and leave at least that one last way to get some news on reddit for us (the other people outside of USA - yes we do exist).

Seriously no one cares. We really have more serious issues like people dying of starvation and people have no water in our countries. We seriously don't give a flying pencil what pronouns you use in your daily life in USA, or if you don't like your president or you love your president. You don't even know what my president name is and I should care what you feel for your president ? Think about it.

You have president that is good representation of your nation (average USA citizen is like him - at least that is impression me and people I know have from people visiting my country from USA). So no, we don't think about your president 24/7 like you do...

We seriously don't care.

If you really believe we all (in the world) need to care about your president or other bullshit internal USA politics (like pronouns or hundred genders) you are delusional . Can't stress that enough: we ... don't ... care.

To sum this up: - 1. "No one gives a flying pencil about your situation in USA. - 2. You are no longer best country in the world. And honestly you are not even country that set trends now. "So your internal politics don't interest us (rest of the world) - 3. Trump is a good representation of average USA citizen. I get it ... you are someone who is different from him in one way or the other. Still he is your president. Not my problem. Like my president and how I don't like him is not your problem.

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