My friend, things are ok, you'll know when they aren't and I assure you it won't be as easy as life is now. I lived through the Venezuelan shortage crisis and I didn't have to try to convince people that things were bad, people were on the streets rioting because if they didn't, they would starve to death.

I don't mean to take away from the struggles that some people face for sure, and we as a society should help them, but it shouldn't be mandated publicly to rip and tear billionaires apart because some people make poor decisions. The best way to help ourselves is by industry and assistance.

Btw, this wasn't a knock against socialism with the Venezuela talk, that was poor management of an undiversified governmental portfolio, exacerbated by the authoritarian policy. Take a deep breath,walk down the street, maybe buy a local street food and centre yourself in the actual world we live in, not the one that's being painted for you.

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