The Growing Precariat: Why We Need a Universal Basic Income

The middle class myth is a real thing. You can pump it into google and look at it, even news agencies bring it up quite often. That's because it's seriously ambiguous.

And North Korea isn't a capitalist society nor is it a republic/democracy.

I believe in the coming decades we can eliminate that if we choose to, instead of the rich becoming disproportionately richer (yes disproportionately), even if the poor also become slightly richer themselves thats not good enough.

That's just jealousy though. You are looking at what someone else has and feeling you have the right to take it from them and/or they don't 'deserve' it. That's what we call 'theft'. Now, if you assume there's no such thing as private anything (IE everyone owns everything - communism or states own everything - socialism) that's a different topic.

I agree with the socialist ways we run our prisons. It is terrible and we're the most regressive in the world. Libertarian philosophy actually advocates against our current system and believes no prison/court/police should ever be private or for profit.

Capitalism doesn't protect the environment. There is a cost associated with environmental damage that is not readily taken into account. It doesn't cost companies anything to damage the environment. I could go on, but like I said, I'm done.

Sure it does. There's actually a whole field of economics dedicated to this, a great essay on it is here that tries to go into layman's terms for a specific country (Vietnam):

The graph is really the key point if you want the cliff notes:

Government can be a source of good too! It's just people! If you can't trust google, why should you trust the gov and vice versa?

In our society the government is just another company (all people, companies, and governments are the same entities under capitalism) or person who sells their services in exchange for fees (taxes), the only difference is they have a monopoly on violence. This is what sets them apart - the ability to enforce their will upon others without retribution in their own system.

We will have the ability to end suffering - but careful, you don't want to end all suffering. Going to the gym is suffering. Learning is suffering. Being hungry is suffering. There's good and bad forms, and humans are at their greatest when they suffer the absolute most.

Remove suffering, pain, and scarcity, and you may also remove charity, compassion, and sacrifice - the very virtues that separate us from the machines and animals.

Again, not advocating let everything suffer, but this notion of you/others being able to create a 'perfect world' really can be seen as very arrogant and controlling of a population of people, stripping them of free will.

Even though I know you don't intend it to be that way.

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