Growing up in 90’s Seattle. If you know you know.

Thanks. I'm just as guilty, I was so angry, that we didn't talk for seven years. He sent me a text on the 4th of July, which was our holiday, and I said it was time to move past everything. We started talking and I said you need to know why, and I laid it out (don't work with your friends).

After that I felt like that was it. And we started talking and I wanted to get together several times and he wasn't available etc. (He's now a C-level executive officer in the field I got him into. I called in a favor and got him a guaranteed job, after he came back from 8 years in the Marines. He was planning on being a cop on a bomb squad, because that's all his MOS was good for.)

The messaging / texts became fewer and fewer, until he said that there was no point in being friends, we didn't have anything in common. After all I'm a middle class IT manager, and he lives in a house with a name, by a famous architect. And I was happy to finally buy a house and put in wood flooring.

But the arcade game is awesome!

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