Growing up in a conservative family vs growing in a liberal family - how different are the experiences?

Grew up in a family where my dad was proud to be a republican. Donated 1000's of dollars to politicians and ultimately ran for public office and won. At the same time he could give a shit less about people in general. He only cared about dollars and cents and how it was spent. He didn't care about abortion, drugs, immigration when I was little. He only didn't want tax dollars to be wasted. As he and my mom grew older they started listening to Rush and Fox news. Getting more and more redicalized as far as immigration and tax and spend policies were concerned. They could care less about abortion but they were adamant about wasteful spending. Guns they didn't care about but he cared about farmers since he was raised in a farm house. I disagree with him on a lot of political issues but he is the type of republican I can respect. Because I know logically where he is coming from. Its not about morals with him in the sense that he isn't at all religious anymore. Its the fact that he genuinely believes in a smaller government. Republicans that I despise are the hypocrites like Trump. If republicans actually moved back to where my father was politically I would think of maybe supporting them. But that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

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