seriously, its nothing to get mad about. whores have existed for all of human history.

they once did a study where they tried to teach chimps about the concept of fiat currency by giving them tokens that could be traded with researchers for bananas. immediately, female chimps started prostituting themselves to male chimps for the tokens.

there are few things in this world that you can fight, abhor, and criminalize, but never truly eradicate, and whoring is one of them. getting mad at it gets you nowhere.

its just that society was just better when we didn't have to pretend that whores were also smart, funny, had political views that should be cared about, had 'careers' and 'jobs' just like the rest of us, etc. and getting really angry about it is just the flip side of the "sex work is real work!" coin of people that get really passionate about respecting whores. the only right response is : "yes, sweetie, i'm sure Marx was right, yes, i'll read the little red book on Sunday; how much did you say for a blowjob?"

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