GTA mayors respond to proposed legislation that could open up Greenbelt to development


by far the most nonsensical post i've seen here which says a lot considering the knowledge, or more precisely, lack thereof, of most of these left-wing progressive redditors. What do homes and condos being used as rental property have to do with the reason there is a "shortage?" This happens in response to a shortage but it isn't what caused the shortage.

There simply isn't enough apartment units to satisfy the demand and so property owners are therefore positioned to increase their prices. If you want to reduce prices you simply have to encourage the building of more apartments. The city shouldn't build anything because this is gonna cost billions of dollars which inevitably will go to waste since on top of the investment, the city has to manage and maintain these buildings. Some of the worst houses are those owned by the government. So unless you want infested housing i dont think it would be wise to have the city responsible for the hundreds of thousands of units within the housing market.

The city should foster an environment that would make it profitable to build apartment unit. This means removing rent controls, zoning laws and other restrictions that make it unfeasable to build apartment units. Only until then will developers choose to build apartments instead of condos.As for "Affordability" its simply a matter of supply and demand. Throwing in "affordable" wont change anything.

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