Guess who is vandalizing #Rangoli at the homes of Hindus celebrating #Diwali in this Indian neighbourhood?

Calm down dude.... I don't care what their books says and probably neither should you.. much better for your own mental health..

I'm not telling you to not give a shit about your Geeta and Ramayan and I won't be telling Muslims either.. putting all of those to practice at the expense of others would be an entirely different matter

I don't know full well wheather Koran talks about rape or not, but tbh I've seen in a vd Savarkar book where he talks about rape of Muslim women being okay, but I'm not gonna hold that onto every right wing guy I see...

If I have better things to worry about that what ram and Laxman did and said, why couldn't Muslims have better things to care about too?

Are you gonna go to every Muslim household and see if they are following their rules or not? Well I don't think many people would be following all the rules mentioned anywhere

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