[Guide] How I use Tinder and others like it without being publicly "out" as non-monogamous.

Absolutely. Because for the idiots that think that's useful information, they'll almost always try to tell my wife and then my wife gets to fucking destroy them and now we OWN them in the workplace. In fact, that's a good reason I forgot, thank you! Note, this is paraphrased and she's never had an opportunity to record one of these, so I always get it second hand, but I can tell you that the relationship dynamic with that employee/client/colleague instantly changes for the better.

Hey, I saw your husband on Tinder!

Yeah, so?


Go on


Anything else to say?


[right around here is when she just stops talking completely, which means they start talking and can't shut up]

[interrupting him or her]

If you honestly think my husband is cheating on me, then you don't know my husband nearly as well as he knows you. Go home and think about the other reasons he might be on there. Now fuck off before I decide to tell him you thought you could ruin our marriage with this little stunt.

Even if my wife and I were monogamous, she'd still let me do all of this experimentation up to the point before anything physical happens. We're both nerds.

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