[Guide][Media] Nightfall Solo Phogoth, 6 min walkthrough of each stage. Last day to do before reset so get it done!

The Gatehouse: You can die here, no worries! Just make sure you kill all enemies in here on your way down. You will need to come back into this room a bit later to safely lure and kill wizards.

The Part after the Gatehouse(don't know what the room is called sorry!): There will be 3 waves of enemies you have to defeat. Be careful of boomers, always fall back into the previous room when needed for safety! Hardest part is luring the wizards towards the Gatehouse room. Their arc wizardry will cut through you and you will die extremely fast. Hide in the hallway and shoot a bunch to lure them out, then run back into Gatehouse room. Wizards will sit in the hallway and fire at you for about 20 seconds. Kill as many as you can fast!

Room after that: Very easy, just kill everything. Ogre and a boomer with 2 exploding thralls and some normal thralls and acolytes. No problem!

Circle of Bones: You can run right through this area completely. You don't have to kill anything. You can even run past the 2 yellow hive knights. Just keep sprinting and USUALLY nothing will hit you running through. Be careful as always, sometimes a wizard spawns and sometimes it is a boomer knight.

Phogothyyy: Kill everything that is around Phogoth quickly. There are about 4 or 5 boomer knights, and 3 or 4 boomer acolytes who will rain down arc boomer hell on you and make this take longer. Kill them to make it faster/easier. You will then shoot Pho-Pho and proceed to retreat into the shrieker room. A bit later in the video I show where you can safespot in the shrieker room WITHOUT spawning the shrieker and you can almost always DPS Mr. Pho-Pho down hardcore in this spot (https://youtu.be/OJKgZqIlZ8s?t=5m29s) although he doesn't always stand still and let you shoot him that much!

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