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The Night Watch is an ancient brotherhood, originally formed by King Thoradin in the lead-up to the Troll Wars, and which reached its pinnacle in those wars. In the centuries that followed, the Night Watch advanced along the frontier of the newly expanding Empire of Arathor, acting as scouts and protectors against the trolls and wildlife of the untamed lands of Lordaeron. But as human civilization expanded, the need for the Night Watch waned.

By the time of the Third War nearly three thousand years later, the Night Watch was a semi-mythical organization numbering less than half a thousand men. Operating primarily in the Hinterlands, and still loyal to the Kings of Strom, the Night Watch was unknown to most and most of those who had heard of them believed them to be long since extinct. After receiving reports of a Plague creeping into Lordaeron, the Lord Commander of the Night Watch sent his most elite force, the Rangers, to investigate. Despite humanity's early success in combating the Plague, the betrayal of Prince Arthas and his murder of King Terenas would prove to be the beginning of the end for the Kingdom of Lordaeron.

The Night Watch fought bravely and valiantly, but by the Siege of the Sanguine at Light's Hope Chapel, all but ninety of the already undermanned order had perished, including almost the entirety of their leadership; the Lord Commander was the only officer left alive. Yet he too would fall, killed and reanimated by the powerful lich Kirkessen the Zealous. Although the siege was quickly countered and lifted, the Night Watch was left without leaders and was on the verge of collapse were it not for the actions of a young paladin who rallied and convinced the surviving members to travel to Strom in order to seek advice from King Thoras Trollbane.

Unfortunately, after the harrowing journey through the Hinterlands, the Night Watch found Strom under siege by ogres and a criminal outfit known as the Syndicate. Too weak to break the siege, and too numerous to sneak past, the Night Watch then elected to travel south across the Thandol Span and into Menethil Harbor. It was there, among refugees from all across Azeroth, that the Night Watch was finally able to piece together a full picture of what transpired during the Third War: the Scourge of Lordaeron, the Exodus of the Horde, the Summoning of Archimonde, and the Battle of Mount Hyjal.

Following a brief rest in Menethil Harbor, the men of the Night Watch then set sail for Stormwind, deciding to pledge themselves to King Varian Wrynn. But misfortune seemed to follow wherever they journeyed: King Varian had disappeared during a diplomatic mission to Theramore. In his stead ruled his young son Anduin, along with his Regent, Bolvar Fordragon, and adviser, Lady Katrana Prestor.

Fate, however, can be fickle. After Lady Prestor withdrew all Stormwind troops from Duskwood, the residents of the troubled region turned to each other to keep the peace and protect themselves, thereby forming their own order, which they called the Night Watch. When word of this new organization reached the survivors, they made their way to Darkshire and offered to merge the two groups. The people of Duskwood were overjoyed to have such men watching over them and the paladin who had lead them so far was elected the 289th Lord Commander of the Night Watch.

Calling all adventurers of the Alliance!

I am Lord Commander Orbion Orunitia of the Night Watch. The people of Duskwood are in dire need of your assistance! Stormwind has abandoned us; they have removed all troops from the region and are returning our pleas unopened. Something evil is afoot. It now falls to the brave men and women of this province to protect ourselves. While we are holding strong for the moment, I have recently received distressing reports of a Horde base camp in Stranglethorn Vale. We don't have the manpower to secure the border and still run patrols throughout the region. I am hereby requesting the aid of brave and noble adventurers to protect the Kingdom's southern province.

In particular, we are in need of experienced leaders. I am calling on all retired Alliance Officers, Brigade commanders, fighting guild masters, clan chieftains; anyone who has lead men into battle will do. The following positions need to be filled:

1-2 Commanders: able to command Battalion (full raid) sized units. Must be a martial hero (Rogue, Hunter, Warrior, Paladin)

Maester: assists with recruiting and managing personnel. Must be an educated hero (MAGE, Priest, or Warlock)

Ranger-Captain: commands the Ranger Company (geared L60 PvPers). Must be swift, silent, and ruthless.

2 Captains: able to command Company (10-20 man raid) sized units.


I pray that this message finds you well, and hope to see you in Darkshire.



Light be with you,


Sir Orbion Orunitia of the Silver Hand

289th Lord Commander of the Night Watch

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